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Stall Instagram downloader - Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome addon that allows you to download photos and videos from the Instagram.

 Why would you need this? The Instagram is trying to prevent any kind of unauthorised download of user content, disallows you to save Instagram photos and videos to your local PC. Stall Instagram downloader is created to bypass Instagram restrictions and to let you download any type of Instagram content to your PC.

 Main functions:

  • Single photo and video download from main Instagram channel page, or from designated media page
  • One-click Instagram channel download.
  • Advanced channel subscribtion. Stall Instagram downloader allows you to "subscribe" to any public Instagram channel, and any new content from this channel will be downloaded to your PC automatically.



StallDLogo255BaseSecurity warnings and restrictions:

  • Instagram forbids downloading of the user content. Even a single act of such activity considers by Instagram as a violation of user agreement, and following that, if you're downloading photos and videos from the Instagram, and you're logged in your account, that will cause ban of your Instagram. Simultaneous usage of the different browsers and private modes wouldn't change that. So, for your own safety, this addon wouldn't work if you're logged into your Instagram account. Do not use this addon on the same PC where you're logged into your Instagram account.
  • You can't download content from private Instagram channels with this browser extension.
  • Free version of this extension has some restrictions - you can download only half of the designated Instagram channel at "one click" and you cannot "subscribe" to the channel.



To remove those restrictions, please buy registration key - Buy

You can download this extension here - Download

Tech support is available via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.