• HiLog

    HiLog – keylogger software tool that have wide range of functions and instruments which allows you to capture various data and send it to your storage

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  • Screen capture

    HiLog allows to make screenshots of users desktop on mouse click and on timer trigger. You can choose screenshot format and quality

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  • Key logging

    The main function of HiLog is keylogging, i.e. keyboard input capture. This software allows you to intercept users keyboard input and users clipboard data.

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  • Security

    HiLog supports few functions to protect your privacy - you can set ui-blocking password and self-deletion of this software

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  • Time management

    HiLog supports time customization settings. You can specify data capture time and data transferring time.

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This software allows you to send captured data using FTP connection

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Your PC and LAN

HiLog supports captured data transfer to your PC or via LAN

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You can send captured keyboard input data or clipboard data to the e-mail

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keyHiLog – keylogger software tool that have wide range of functions and instruments which allows you to capture various types of data and send it to your storage.

With HiLog you can intercept user keyboard input and clipboard, making a shadow copy, also, you can capture target users desktop. Both screen capture and key logging functions could be customized with wide range of settings.

Screen capture - you can choose between screen capturing on mouse click or on timer (thou you can choose both), you can customize screenshot quality and file formats.

Keylogging - you can set the amount of capturing data, resulting text file formatting, and turn on clipboard capture.

Intercepted data could be sended to the three different storages via various protocols - FTP, To the local PC (or via LAN) and to specified email. Simultaneous usage of different storages is supported.

Moreover, this software have some security functions that protects your private data (such as your captured data storage credentials) - you can set password, or set the time of HiLog self-deletion. And, of course, you can make HiLog invisible to the end user.

You can download software using this link. Without registration you can use it for 36 hours without limitations. After the trial period, it will stop working until you enter the product key, that can be bought here.


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